Effective consultancy requires the deployment of expertise, experience and tools in the right combination to meet client needs.

We keep at the leading edge of business thinking, tempering innovation with practical knowledge of what works. In this way we can exploit proven methodologies, increasing efficiency and reducing cost to our clients, while ensuring we deploy the most appropriate solution, customised as needed, to deliver the business impact required.

We can handle projects of many types, but we group our areas of specialist expertise and experience into focus areas.

  • In our Go to Market focus area we use innovative research and modelling techniques to identify the best (not always the same as the largest or fastest growing) market opportunities - by segment, geography or product - and specialist resource to develop them rapidly and profitably.
  • Our Decision Support and Planning focus area helps executive teams make the most effective decisions with expert consultants and processes that provide option frameworks, research to generate sound data and full modelling and analysis.
  • Our Sales Performance focus area provides assistance in the organisation, management and development of highly effective direct and indirect sales channels.
  • Sub-Saharan Africa is an area of massive untapped opportunity. Our Africa Solutions focus area helps companies establish and expand business in the region.
  • Our IP video surveillance focus area provides support for companies looking to develop strategies to enter or expand in this rapidly growing market.