Our Sales Performance focus area provides assistance in the organisation, management and development of highly effective direct and indirect sales channels.

Offer portfolio focus

The sales team needs more than just great products and services – it needs a compelling offer to intrigue a prospective customer. read more>

Sales and marketing collateral

Brochures do not sell – salespeople sell! But collateral is crucial in supporting their endeavours. read more>

Sales process and goaling

Sales is not a black art as many believe. In fact it is probably the most crucial process in the company and should command clear management focus, together with appropriate goaling. read more>

Reliable sales forecasting

Just “making the numbers” should not be good enough. How?, why? and what can be learned? are very valid questions that can only be answered if there is an agreed common process in place. read more>

CRM and sales management systems

Vendors often suggest that a software tool can resolve poor sales performance. Even if this were parially true, which one is most supportive of a company’s unique circumstances? read more>

Sales management coaching

Many managers find themselves responsible for sales but have little personal experience of selling. This can actually work to their advantage with the right approach. read more>

Sales training

If the company has put a robust sales process in place then it is imperative that everyone, not just the sales team, understands it so that they can use it and be positively coached in line with it. read more>

Channel management programmes

To get to market effectively it is often fundamental to use an indirect channel. Getting the most from it and managing performance is will be crucial. read more>

Critical position evaluation

Ultimately sales performance will be determined by the calibre of sales management. read more>