Typical client observations: 

“Our markets are changing so fast it’s difficult to know where best to focus our sales guys...” 

“Time to market is everything... we have to be faster in developing our distribution channels for new products...”

“I need top class product management, but we can’t support the permanent headcount...”

“Getting market stats off the web is one thing, getting a real assessment of the potential for our business is another ...”

“I don’t know if our pricing is too high and losing us market share, or too low and we’re leaving money on the table...”

“Our routes to market have developed over decades, I don’t know if they’re right for today’s business, let alone tomorrow’s...”

“We come up with good products and the marketing guys come up with great ads but it’s still different when you’re a sales guy in front of a customer explaining why the new features matter and the price is worth paying...” 

Our view:

  • Even the best products will fail if a company’s go to market strategy is wrong or poorly executed.

  • 80% of the customer experience of a product or service comes from intangibles rather than its ‘hard’ features (de Chernatony and McDonald).

  • Products and services need to be addressed to specific segments of customer need, tailored into effective propositions.

  • Wright Associates helps its clients with a wide range of tools and methodologies to achieve excellence in go to market strategy and execution, from long term market and product planning to tactical sales and channel management.

The Go to Market focus area is led by Andy Coaton.