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Interesting design pays off for business plans and business case documents

Content and style both matter

It is hard to persuade someone to read a business plan or business case for half an hour when modern managers face increasing volumes of information and are conditioned by ever shorter slices of news, blogs and tweets.

To get attention to begin with, and to keep it, business plans must be easy to read and should captivate the reader. The required ingredients are logical content flow, crisp prose, arresting visuals, and pleasing layout. 

The bar for presentational standards continues to rise and boring business plan documents have no chance.


Presentation quality should reflect the value of the content

As professional business plan and business case writers we see many such documents, and the majority we come across are clumsily written and are not designed. However, at the leading edge we have seen the traditional format replaced by exciting presentation style decks that engage and entertain readers.

Gaining bank or venture capital funding, or internal budget approval is the gateway to life or death for your project. To maximise the prospects of funding, make sure the documents that make your project’s case are professionally written and supported by a fully designed investor package that communicates its value.

 Andy Coaton