Typical client observations:

"We're not generating enough leads to fuel the sales pipeline..."

"It takes our guys too long to close down opportunities, they often just peter out in the pipeline..."

"Our win rate is just too low..."

"The forecasts from our sales organisation aren't credible, it makes predicting cash requirements a nightmare..."

"We need to target scarce marketing funds where they will have maximum impact..."

"We take great salespeople and make them sales managers, but they often lack the insight to be successful in the role..."

Our view:

There is nothing new in these challenges and they exist for companies of all sizes. Often they are symptoms of not managing the sales process as professionally and effectively as the production process or the customer support process – “sales” often being regarded as an unintelligible black art rather than a logical science.

Wright Associates empowers clients to confront such challenges and achieve new levels of sales excellence.

The Sales Performance focus area is led by Rhys Torrington.