The potential in video surveillance for IT VARs

Value added resellers (VARs) need is an emergent, fast-growth application, bandwidth and storage hungry, that taps into corporate budgets outside the investment-constrained IT department. Fortunately, such a market exists, IP video surveillance

The value of simple online surveys - and their dangers

Conducting primary research used to take weeks or months to plan and conduct. Now online tools such as SurveyMonkey and QuestionPro offer the ability to set-up simple questionnaires in a few minutes...

What is a sales audit?

Answer: A rigorous best practice assessment of one of the most fundamental but least understood company processes...

Developing competitive strategy using the WA go to market value chain

It is one of the ironies of business life that one of the most risky things you can do is to introduce a new product or service. Yet never introducing new products almost guarantees eventual company failure.

Channel business prevention programmes - part 2

“Build your channel strategy around big, single-tier partners – after all, they are the really big hitters aren’t they?” A myopic view, to say the least...

Still banana republics?

Not so long ago very few companies would countenance the idea of investing in Latin America...

Sales force spring cleaning - with new, added science...!

Recruiting, training and retaining high quality salespeople is a major cost area for most businesses. So when you come to make changes do you rely on gut-feel and anecdote, or can a more scientific approach add real value...?

Altitude and attitude are fuelling the African boom

We have become accustomed to athletes from the countries of the Rift Valley dominating middle and long-distance running. Yet in business terms they are proving themselves equally dominant in the sprint.

Who is promoting your company?

Most organisations say they are committed to quality, but all too often they send signals that say otherwise. How do you make sure yours is not one of them?

Interesting design pays off for business plans and business case documents

Too many professionals compromise the chance of their business cases being adopted through poor presentation. What does it say about the thinking behind the plan if the reasoning does not flow clearly, crisply and effectively?

Call my bluff – sales forecasting for amateurs

Even the largest organisations may treat sales forecasting as a black art. But is it really sorcery, or more like a high stakes poker game?

From Davos to Lagos

GDP growth is accelerating away month on month in the burgeoning economies of sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia. Should we just be envious of their success or excited about the new market opportunities they represent?

Defining new products using ‘perceived use value’ (PUV)

When developing products and services, a key driver of success will be a proposition’s perceived use value, PUV. This is the value of the offer as perceived by customers for their particular use. So how do you maximise PUV?

Delivering the ‘total product’ through channel partners

Up to 80% of the value customers place on products is determined by intangibles such as service that are more often than not in the hands of channel partners...

Time to spring clean the salesforce?

Things are not getting any easier in the market and most companies are having to fight doubly hard to win business. As we move into a new financial year this is traditionally also the time to revisit strategy and determine what needs to be adjusted.

Channel business prevention programmes - part 1

Keep recruiting partners come what may – you can never have too many people selling your product, right? Wrong. Big time wrong...