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Example projects Descriptions of various projects completed 1 MB
Opportunity for IT VARs in video surveillance IT VARs need is an emergent, fast-growth application, bandwidth and storage hungry, that taps into corporate budgets outside the investment-constrained IT department. Fortunately, such a market exists, IP video surveillance (IP VS). this paper describes the opportunity and issues faced by IT VARs in suceeding with this opportunity. 651 KB
Latin America - an emerging industrial powerhouse An assessment of the rapidly developing markets of Latin America. 380 KB
How much is a customer worth? How much is it worth investing in capturing a new customer? This white paper sets out a practical approach businesses can take when assessing their investment in sales and marketing. 98 KB
Does the sales team get it? How can Product Marketing support Sales more effectively? This article analyses some of the problems organisations face in communicating with customers through sales teams, and recommends some alternative approaches proven to be effective. 91 KB
Sub-Saharan Africa Market Report Report providing market statistics and an assessment of opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa 489 KB
Wright Associates Africa Solutions Downloadable brochure describing opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa and Wright Associates' services in this area. 667 KB
Data Mining for Business Describes the principles of data mining and their application in a business context. 109 KB
Market Prioritisation Gives an overview of techniques businesses can use to decide which market segments to target with what level of resource. 891 KB
Customer Segments for Marketing Describes the latest in the principles and practice of segmentation, including a description of data-based techniques and operational considerations. 194 KB